How to Draw Bulbasaur from Pokemon

Learn How to Draw Bulbasaur from Pokemon step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to Draw Bulbasaur from Pokemon

Please see the detailed video tutorial below

Beginners can refer to the simple drawing instructions below

Step 1

People ready Start this first step with a big circle for your head and draw your face and a big outline for a smile. Next draw an average sized oval for his body and then the starting line for his bulb that remains on his back. The instructions for the front leg and the arm may be the last thing added.

Step 2

Now here as you can see you will start detailing and drawing in the features. Start with face and head. Draw two shapes for his eyes resembling the tilted acorn and then finish his smile with a line below the top lip to make an open smile. Now detail his bulb with some curves and then draw some cute ears. You can then draw some instructions for your feet as shown.

Step 3

The only thing you will really do here is detail your face and body a bit more as you can tell. Highlight the head and give him some students. Now two eyebrows and a few teeth are the next things will be drawn. Then give the Bulbasaur a chin line to form on his face. Some more lines on the lamp and his pedicure are the last things to get drawn.

Step 4

Here you will draw different shape marks on your body and then you can erase all the instructions and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 5

This is what Bulbasaur’s complete drawings will look like when you have finished. That’s easy. I know! That does not folks you just learned how to draw a Bulbasaur from Pokemon step by step. Color him like in Pokemon

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