How to Draw a MASCULINE vs FEMININE Face step by step

How to Draw a MASCULINE vs FEMININE Face by pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.  Face drawing by pencil for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a MASCULINE vs FEMININE Face step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Draw male to female


For the purposes of this tutorial, I will keep my character bald, so you can see how powerful it is when you apply changes to only facial features. It’s easy to style feminine hairstyles on drawings and call it female, but it’s a lazy approach that we don’t want to depend on.


Anyway, let Tornado move up to the first facial feature is the eyebrow. Illll tries to exaggerate his masculine traits, so let Trick create super-thick eyebrows closer to the eyes and less curved.
The function of the eyebrows is to prevent sweat from entering the eyes, and men often have larger, bushier eyebrows than women. You can add some stray hairs around the eyebrows as well.

The eyes

As you can see, her eyes are very thick with eyeliner to accentuate or draw attention to her eyelashes.
When drawing males, I prefer less emphasis on the contours of the eyes so that it looks like him when eye makeup. If your eyes are drawn very thick and you don’t want to completely redraw them, just make your contour thinner.
If that doesn’t do it for you, try making his eyes narrower by removing only the eyelids and bringing them closer together.
Along with narrowed eyes, I also gave him eyelids. You can learn how to draw eyelids in my eye guide – that’s where the skin under the eyebrow bone falls and the folds on the eyelid fold. That part is optional, of course, but I think it adds to his masculinity as it can make the eyebrows look more prominent.
The more testosterone a man has, the stronger his bone structure. Therefore, areas like forehead, nose, jawbone and chin will all be larger.


Let work on the next tip. Illll darkens the bridge of the nose to make it look taller and cloudy. I prefer the wider and more different shape of the shuttlecock. Instead of a smooth outline for the bridge, I introduced the corners. You can make the cartilage around the tip of the nose more visible by outlining the shape, giving it a shadow.
Men have larger noses, in general, to provide more oxygen to muscles, so let make the nostrils bigger. Don Tiet forgot to make the sides of the nose wider (you can also make them more angular).

Forehead bone

Next, let Lei make his forehead stronger, and I mean, make it stick more. To do that, we will need to add some shadows around it so that it no longer looks flat. If your light source comes from above your character, you can add a shadow under the eyebrow. Feel free to adjust the length of shadows and shadows to your liking. The darker your color, the deeper your eyes will be and the more prominent your eyebrow bone will be.
If you have light coming from the front of your character’s face, cover the sides of your head and forehead to help highlight the protruding eyebrows.


Now let the work on the lower half of the face.
Okay, big, plump lips can indicate high estrogen levels in women, so I made them narrower and look fuller. One very easy thing you can do to make lips look less full is to reduce the thickness or the darkening of the lip contour.

Chin and jaw

Switch to the split chin
We can make the chin wider, longer or more angular. Remember that a small change can make a huge difference!
I make me slightly wider and more angular.
One of the most effective things you can do to make a character look more masculine is to widen your jaw and make it more angular as well.
Body fat is also associated with testosterone, the main male sex hormone
The more testosterone, the more your character has the fatty tissue you want to give him. Adjust fat tissue levels based on your preferences.
Now, there is only so much fat you can cut when drawing the contour of the face. So, to further reduce fat, try to add some shadows around the chin, mouth and / or cheeks to make them appear hollow. Some light shadows may be all you need.


The last area to work on is neck. Here we have a narrow, slender neck. You can see that it is currently aligned with the outer corner of the eye.
Instead, I will align it with the outside of the eyebrow, making the neck thicker, more muscular. You can add some muscles along the trap and shoulders by pulling them higher.
To add to his muscles, I will better define his neck muscles and reduce the amount of adipose tissue by darkening the shadows of his neck. Let draw an Adam’s apple too!

Features less masculine

RFA How to fix a drawing that looks too Masculine One little note I want to add is that not everything has to be too square and angular. It really depends on what you see. For example, the chin can be rounded, making the face softer.
Same thing with the lower jaw.


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