Easy Unicorn Drawing for Kids – How to draw a Unicorn Step by Step

Easy Unicorn Drawing for Kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw a Unicorn for Beginners.

Easy Unicorn Drawing for Kids - How to draw a Unicorn Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Harriet Muller

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Outline the general shapes

Start the process of drawing a unicorn by sketching three ovals for the head, chest, and pelvis. Try to arrange them in the order they appear in examples from Easydrawingart.com artists.

Step 2 – Outline the spine and limbs

Now, with a few lines, connecting the contours of the head, chest and pelvis, forming a kind of unicorn spine. Now outline the fore and hind limbs with a few lines.

Step 3 – Draw the face and neck

Now draw the elongated unicorn’s face with smooth lines. Now, using a long and smooth line, draw the lower edge of the neck.

Step 4 – Drawing Horns and Belly

Draw a horn that could be either shorter or longer than the one in our example. Draw the lower edge of the body with a line. The body of the unicorn should be narrower on the abdomen than the chest.

Step 5 – Draw the face details

Draw a unicorn eye just below the horn. In front of the muzzle, draw the nostrils and the mouth. Add some folds like in our example to make the face look more realistic.

Step 6 – Draw Ear and Pattern on Horn

To make the unicorn’s horn more beautiful, draw smooth spiral lines on it. Next, draw the ears using a few simple lines.

Step 7 – Draw Bangs of the Unicorn

Draw the bangs and the top line of the mane. If you are in doubt about the adequacy of your drawing of a unicorn, you can check it by looking in the mirror.

Step 8 – Draw the mane

Using long, wavy lines draw strands that hang on the lush mane of the unicorn. Long and curly hair gives your unicorn a truly epic look.

Step 9 – Draw the foreleg

Use long and smooth lines to outline the forelegs. To make the unicorn’s legs look natural, draw bulges in the muscles and ligaments under the skin.

Step 10 – Draw the nails in front

Draw the unicorn’s front claws using a few short lines. Furthermore, separate them from the rest of the legs by using zigzag hairs.

Step 11 – Draw the hind legs

When drawing the hind legs, keep in mind that they should be significantly thicker on the upper part and evenly toward the center of the leg.

Step 12 – Draw the following nails

Do the same thing as in the previous step, but this time with the next hooves. The back and foreground nails are exactly the same and are drawn in the same way.

Step 13 – Draw The Top Line of the Tail

The tail of the unicorn is one of the hallmarks of this mythical character. Start drawing the tail by sketching the top line like in our example.

Step 14 – Draw the Bottom Line of the Tail

Complete the drawing of the unicorn’s tail by sketching the bottom line. The tail of your drawn unicorn should be long and curled, just like in our example.

Step 15 – Erase the rule

Remove all unnecessary building lines from your unicorn drawing. Use an eraser for this and try not to touch the important lines. To erase the lines more precisely, you can cut the eraser in half to create sharp edges.

Step 16 – Coloring your unicorn painting

We decided to use ivory white as the base color, light purple for the tail and mane, dark ivory for the hooves, light pink for the horns and black for the eyes.

Don’t forget to shade and accent the eyes to make your drawing of the unicorn more vivid. To make the process of drawing a unicorn more interesting, you can try adding some extra elements.


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