How to Draw Scales easy Step by Step

How to Draw Scales easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple Drawing for kids and everyone.


Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Starting at the top right part of the paper, draw five parallel diagonal lines down to the bottom left corner. Remember that all lines must be identical.

If you need help drawing straight lines, use a ruler. It is a drawing tool that allows you to draw lines perfectly and easily.

Step 2 – Create a Cross Cross Pattern

Draw five other parallel diagonals starting from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. These lines will intersect the first five diagonal lines that we drew in the previous step.

After completing this step, the lines should now form a symmetrical criss-cross pattern in the form of diamonds. This is your guide when drawing proportions.

Also, remember to draw the pattern with gentle strokes. Avoid pressing down too hard with the pencil so you can easily erase the lines later when you don’t need them anymore.

Step 3 – Filling the Diamond Space with Scales

Starting from top to bottom, draw a U-shaped curve across each gap in the criss-cross pattern. This creates separate scales, one for each diamond space.

In this step, we will scale on the first four layers at the top. That is to say, we should have a total of 8 scales at this point.

Step 4 – Draw the scale in the middle part

Continue on to the next layers and fill in the diamond gaps with U-shaped curves to create one layer at a time.

After completing this step, you should now have a total of 17 scales including the first 8 that we drew earlier.

Step 5 – Then add another layer of flakes

Repeat the previous step to create scales on the middle layer of the criss-cross pattern. Don’t worry if the scales are not exactly the same.

They don’t have to be identical as long as they all have the same U shape.

Step 6 – Next, draw the bottom layer of scales

Add two more scale layers by drawing a U-shaped curve over each gap in the pattern. Now you will have a total of 31 scales.

After completing this step, there should be only three spaces left at the bottom of the cross.

Step 7 – Finish drawing all layers of scale

Continue repeating the previous step and add a U-shaped curve to the remaining gaps until there are no more left. Do not stop until you reach the space at the bottom of the cross.

After completing this step, all gaps should be filled with the same pattern. So all 34 scales will be completed at this time.

Step 8 – Then Exit the Cross Pattern

Now it’s time to polish the shape of the scales by erasing the diagonals one by one. Start by removing the lines only in the upper right and lower left corners.

Remember to erase the lines carefully to keep the scales from being erased.

Step 9 – Now, refine the shape of the scale

Remove the remaining diagonal lines in the opposite direction.

The purpose of removing these lines is to make the scales look more subtle and keep your drawing neat and tidy. Make sure that there are no visible diagonal lines underneath the scale.

After completing this step, the shape of the scales should now be more refined.

You’ve got it — you’ve successfully plotted the scales! Now finally comes the part we’ve all been waiting for, which is choosing color and coloring the scales!

The color of the scales varies greatly depending on the skin color of the animal to which the scales are attached.

This gives you a lot of color options to choose from when coloring the scales. However, keep in mind the main factor that you should consider: the color of the animal on which you will be placing these scales.

Have fun with different colors!

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