How to draw Magneto Step by Step

How to draw Magneto easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to draw magneto

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

This lesson will be difficult, but interesting. At first, we need to choose our character’s pose. In our example, Magneto stands upright and holds his helmet in his hand. Then we started drawing with a Magneto stickman. Here, everything is standard: the growth is equal to the sum of the lengths of the seven heads.
As always, we draw the figure from the top down. So first we draw the head in an oval shape and then the other parts of the body using simple lines.

Step 2

First in this step draw a line of symmetry of the face (it is vertical) and a horizontal line of the eyes. Above the eyeliner draw the hair line and below the eye line draw the nose and mouth lines.
Next, draw a neck in a cylinder. Then draw the body, which will narrow at the waist area. Draw the shoulders in an oval shape and the arms in an elongated cylinder. Draw sketch of hand and helmet. Sketch the pelvis in the shape of a triangle. Then proceed to the legs, which should be drawn with the same method as the arms.

Step 3

In the fourth stage, we outline the strokes where we will add details to the face. First, we line our eyes and slightly arched eyebrows. Then we outline the ears and nose. However, in our lesson on Magneto, you can see the difference – it’s not a fault, just our hero tilts his head slightly.
Then we proceed to the hair. More precisely the shape of the hair. Use smooth lines, making sure to expose a high forehead. Just don’t forget to draw the shape of the jaw and draw the lines of the cheekbones.

Step 4

We continue to draw Magneto. Now draw in detail the face of the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. We stopped in the previous step about hair – now let’s start with them.
We have the contours of the Magneto hair, now you need to draw the texture of the hair yourself. Use short, gentle lines (note they are intermittent and don’t go from edge to edge). It is recommended to draw hair lines in the direction from the roots to the ends. Next, draw the contours of the eyes, if necessary, adjust the pupils.
At the end of the ear drawing phase, wash the additional guides and clean the entire area that we worked on.

Step 5

Body and mantle – this is what we will draw in this step. Just below the collarbone draw an arc with a fairly high curvature, reaching to the shoulder. Next, draw the top edge of the cape, located just behind the shoulders.
In the same step, draw the outline of the pectoral muscles. Under the inflated pectoral muscles draw the contours of the ribs. Now our Magneto looks like a character from a comic book.

Step 6

In this step, we are detailing the area we outlined in the previous step. Above the middle arch draw the contours of the clavicle. Draw circles on this item of clothing. Here circle the contours of the pectoral muscles, ribs and waist. Don’t forget to circle the contours of the top of the cape. When we complete this step, the entire body of Magneto should have a complete look.

Step 7

Now a pretty simple step of the how to draw Magneto tutorial. Use the curved lines connecting the pieces from the first steps, to draw a final shape of the muscle. First, draw the contours of the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms. Erase the excess lines with the hand and helmet and draw the contours. Carefully draw the outlines of the fingers and the opening of the helmet.

Step 8

At this stage, we are done working with the upper part of Magneto’s body. First, remove all the rough lines of the first steps. Then draw the lines of the muscles. Paint decorations on the helmet around the opening and on the top. Notice that in our example we draw the classic Magneto, which you might see in old comics. But of course you can draw him in any other way, such as in the X-Men movies.

Step 9

Now we should perform the same operations as we did in step 7. With smooth lines connecting the pieces forming the legs. As you can see, here we draw leg muscles like quadriceps and calves. Don’t forget to sketch the knees and draw the feet, as well as sketch the shorts. By the way, write in the comments why manga characters wear underwear over pants.

Step 10

In this step, we are finishing drawing the Magneto shape. More specifically, in this step we are finishing the leg drawing. As you can guess, we repeat the operation from step 8. Trace the straight lines of the legs, erase all the guide lines, draw the lines of the muscles. And again, if you draw a classic Magneto, like in our example, draw a pattern on the boots. Also in this step draw out the cape, adding creases to the cape and shorts.

Step 11

The lesson on how to draw Magneto comes to an end. And now we are at the final stage in which we add the drop shadow. Like in the other comic-style lessons (see, for example, the drawing lesson on Wolverine and Spider-Man), the shadows here should be applied in two stages – first outlining the outlines of the shadows and Then thicken the inside. Halftone is adding with slight bloom.

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