How to Draw Carnage full body step by step

How to Draw Carnage full body easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to Draw Carnage

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, we outline the outlines of our villain’s torso and head. Although Carnage had a rather ghastly appearance, his physique was not much different from that of a muscular middle-aged man. Therefore, we outline the contours of the head, chest and torso with the same proportions as that of an ordinary man.

Step 2

The position of the limbs tends to have a profound effect on posture. In our drawing, Carnage has a rather dynamic pose. This is shown by uneven flexion of the arms and legs, as in our sample.

Step 3

Time to add some details, right? In this step, we will connect the pelvis and chest using two smooth lines. As a result, we will get a body that tapers down and forms a waistline. And now we can see some weird features in our stickman’s appearance. We are talking about a long and elongated lower jaw. Let’s outline this.

Step 4

Let’s continue working with the baselines of the Carnage shape. In this step we will sketch the arms of this villain using the cylinders and balls we have drawn. The hand has an irregular shape, asymmetrical polygons. Pay attention to the proportions of the width of the hand, the large joints, and the forearm.

Step 5

Let’s repeat the same action, but now with the lower limb. Avoid extensions that are too powerful and conspicuous. Notice the steady tapering of each leg. Feet have different shapes due to the peculiarities of angle and posture.

Step 6

Our character has a basic silhouette, we render his pose perfectly, which means we can start working on the details. As you know, we like to move from top to bottom i.e. head to toe. Therefore, in this step we outline the outline of the typical villain’s eyes, which look like two slits with considerable curvature. You should not draw your eyes too wide. Pay attention to the distance between the eyes.

Step 7

Second, the lower part of the face is formed by a large mouth with many sharp, shark teeth. It looks pretty creepy, doesn’t it? Let’s draw this.

Step 8

Let’s draw the final contours of the body. To do this, we will repeat the seams between the chest and pelvis, and draw the outline of the muscles of the torso. By the way, we have a tutorial on how to draw special men’s bracelets, don’t forget to drop by to make it easier for you to complete this job.

Step 9

Now we will draw the final contours of the hand. Avoid sharp turns and too wide shapes. Try to stick to the composition from the very beginning.

Step 10

Another grisly detail about Carnage’s appearance is the long fingers that turn into sharp claws. As you remember, Carnage can change the contours of his body, however, he just prefers such a look. He’s a pretty creepy guy.

Step 11

So we continue our tutorial on how to draw Carnage. In this step we will draw the final contours of the legs. Follow the outline from the first steps and outline the outline of the knee joint. Try to keep it slim and graceful.

Step 12

In this step, we’ll outline our villain’s leg outline. Add the necessary curves and curves to your sketches from the very beginning. Don’t forget the sharp claws.

Step 13

Oh yeah, that creepy Carnage outfit. Spider-Man had a hard time fighting this guy. Sketch the elements of a lively outfit that look like vines.

Step 14

This is a great time to look back at our work as a whole. In this step, we examine the scale of the picture as a whole and evaluate individual areas. If you haven’t identified any issues, you can proceed to the final step. You can correct all the errors found with the highlighter and eraser.

Step 15

As you know, Carnage has a bright red color. In different comics, his macabre costume has different shades of red. So let’s paint our villain red. If desired, you can add small shadow areas. Don’t forget bright white teeth and eyes.

So we have finished the tutorial on how to draw Carnage. We love comic books and we hope that among you, dear readers, there are also many comic book fans. Don’t forget to write to us about how well your drawing is going. We are waiting for your feedback!

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