How to draw butterfree from Pokemon

Learn How to draw butterfree from Pokemon step by step for kid with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to draw butterfree from pokemon

Please see the detailed drawing guide in the video

You can learn more about the simple drawing steps below with a pencil:

Step 1

Start with a lollipop with a cross section. This will serve as your guide to where the face features will be located.

Step 2

Draw a smaller circle at the bottom of the head. This will be Butterfree’s body.

Step 3

Draw two long but small ovals at the bottom of the body for Butterfree’s legs.

Step 4

Draw two large rectangles and two small ovals in the back for the wings. Remember that they should be like butterflies. They look like ‘B’.

Step 5

Draw two cylinders on the top of the head for the antenna. Draw two large eggs and a small one for the eyes and nose. Draw two triangles at the bottom of the nose to the fangs.

Step 6

Draw two ovals with a jagged side for the hand.

Step 7

Delete your tutorial lines, add thick lines and you’re done! Now you can enjoy the beautiful image of a Butterfree Pok√©mon. Finally coloring your work.

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