How to draw anime girl cute and easy | Cartoon Baby girl drawing step by step

How to draw anime girl cute and easy. Cartoon Baby girl drawing step by step with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw anime for kids and everyone.

How to draw anime girl cute and easy - Baby girl drawing step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below


First, you may need to practice some anime eyes before you start. This is how I draw my anime eyes. I started with the outer shape of the eye, thin and smooth and only one line.


Next, I thicken my lines by adding more lines to the created image. Thicken the top and sides, but leave the lower part quite untouched.


From here, we can go in different directions. Here are some examples of what you can do with your eye shape. Depending on how you want to show your character, it will depend on what happens in the eye shape. Eye shapes 1 and 2 and 4 are fairly average eyes. Eyes 3 and 5 may look up and eyes 6 may be frightened or surprised. You can do a lot by just adding a different shaped iris to your eye shape.


Once you have chosen which eyes you want to work with, you can decide if you need to determine if your head will be turned on. To make the eye island (top) Make a similar eye shape, but not exactly, thinner than the drawn eye. By making it thinner, you create further effects and turn your head. Or if you want to be confronted, look at the eyes below. You draw two identical eye shapes but flip them. Make sure that both eye shapes are the same size or it may look strange. Then you can draw your iris and you have some head on the eye!


As you can see in the first four parts, the eyes can be expressed by what the rest of the face is doing. I used the same eyes for these four people but the face looked different because the mouths I gave them. In the previous two sections, you may find that using different eyes can produce the same effect. These eyes are just thickly painted arches and tend to be the easiest to draw anime eyes because they don’t require details.


Now that we have made some anime anime faces, first look at women’s anime bodies. Anime makers tend to have really long legs compared to normal people, so when you draw your rod-shaped lines, make sure your legs are long! Females also tend to have lower shoulders than males, so try to keep the shoulders close to the size of the first circle.


Now, from here we can start building our faces. This is how you build an anime face in the proper way. Circle the path is the majority of the head, and then you will bend the straight line and create the chin. The right end can always connect back to the path circle. For facial guides, draw a curve from the chin to the top of the head and a curve around the head just below the middle.


Now, remember what you have learned with anime eyes! Build the eye shape you want by drawing thin straight lines. Remember to keep your eyes as far away as you are thinner than the other eye to create a turning effect!


Now thicken the top and side of the eye, leave the lower part alone and choose the iris type you want your anime girl to have. I choose the basic face with a smile. Draw in a small nose and a smile with a smaller smile below to show the lower lip.


Now we can start building the rest of the body. Using your rod-shaped instructions, start drawing the rest of the image with specific attention to the purple lining areas. These areas ensure your anime will look like a woman. The female wrists and ankles are much smaller than men, so they should be thin (not too thin!). Her neck and shoulders will be much smaller than men and should only be slightly larger than the rest of her head. If you build shoulders too wide, they will look very masculine and weird. Next is the waistline. The anime will be thinner at the waist just below the ribs, so make sure your lines will work together and branch off again to form a hip. The hips should only be slightly wider than your shoulders. Note that we have created an hourglass shape! Keep curves for women. Take time for this step, building an anime frame for your drawing is very important so don’t be in a hurry.


Now that you’ve built your frame, we can work on hair! The most popular hairstyles we see in the anime have what is called “tail ears”. These are pieces of hair falling in front of the ear next to the chin to break and frame the face. Add some first bangs. Then, on the edge of the bangs, draw some ear tails to the chin level. Draw your hair off your head on one side and curl it.


Now connect your bangs to the rest of your head! After that, you can start to draw in her pony tail. Draw a big bump on the back of her head, this will show the bunched upper part of the pony tail. Then draw the rest of the pony tail coming out form behind her head about where your face points. You can draw your pony tail as long or short as you would like. It’s your character!


Now to start building her school uniform. Draw in a loose fit shirt that will extend off of her body a whole lot, notice the sleeves and chest part of the shirt aren’t touching the body at all. Then draw a V shaped collar. Again, try to draw this just slightly off your character to show that she’s in the clothes instead of the clothes being a part of her.


Now between the lower point and the upper point of the collar, draw in a rounded rectangle. This serves as the base for her bow. From the rectangle, draw out some upside down bunny ears with a single line through each of them. Now you can draw a line on the lower part of the collar, a line on each sleeve and the bottom of the shirt.


Now for the skirt! I’ve color coded it to show the order of which to draw the pleats instead of drawing them all at once. Draw the middle one that is colored red first. This will establish how long your skirt will be. Then draw in the two green pleats, but when the connect with the red pleat, they should be slightly higher up than the red pleat. Then you can draw in the two purple end pleats. These should also be more higher up than the green pleats and one of them can even be flipping to the side.


Now we need to finish her up by adding in some hands, remember to keep the wrists and hands not too large. Draw in an ear behind the ear tail that is closest too you, draw in some eyebrows and eyelid lines to give her a bit of life. Draw in some knee socks and curve rectangle lines to show her shoes as well.


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