How to draw a cute hippo easy Step by Step

How to draw a cute hippo easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Cute animal Drawings for beginners and kids.

how to draw a hippo

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by using some curved lines to enclose an irregular round shape. Notice that the shape consists of two bulbous parts, the lower part being larger than the upper one. This shape outlines the hippo’s head.

Step 2

Next, outline at the nose and muzzle. Draw the base of the muzzle using a long, curved line, curving as it cuts across the head. Use a rounded “M” shaped line.

Step 3

Outline the lower jaw of the hippo. Use a curved line to connect the upper muzzle to the inside of the head. Then, draw another curved line from the edge of the muzzle to the edge of the jaw, outlining the inside of the mouth.

Step 4

Remove the guide lines from the hippo’s head.

Step 5

Draw an inverted “C” shaped line at the corner of the jaw, indicating the cheek. Connect this part to the top of the muzzle using a short, curved line. Above the muzzle, draw two eyes. For each eye, draw three ovals, one inside the other eye. Shade between the two smallest ovals to form the pupil. On each eye, enclose a curved shape, using two short lines. Remove the guide lines if necessary.

Step 6

Use the “C” shaped lines to wrap the ears on each side of the hippo’s head. Then detail the inside of each ear using curves.

Step 7

Sketch the hippo’s body using two long and curved lines. The lines must outline an oval; Notice how the lines do not connect, but instead form a parallel overlap. Draw a pair of curved lines extending from the back of the head to detail the hippo’s back. Use two curved lines that connect to the shape of the tail, forming a rounded point at the end.

Step 8

Draw hippo legs, erasing guide lines if necessary. For each leg, extend two parallel curves down from the body. Notice how the lines diverge slightly to outline the foot. Connect the lines at the bottom using a curved line. Then, draw a loose, rounded “M”-shaped line across the front of each foot, indicating the toes. Finally, draw a curved line below the head to give detail to the neck.

Step 9

View the hippo’s face in detail. Draw two large ovals at the tip of the muzzle; they indicate nostrils. Draw a curved line through each nostril so that it has a three-dimensional shape. Then draw a curved line down the middle of the nose. Use curved lines to enclose each hippo’s tooth. Draw another curved line on each side to make them three-dimensional. Finally, use curves in the mouth to indicate the tongue.

Step 10

Color your hippo. In the wild, hippos are gray or brown with pink accents. Cartoon hippos are usually purple.

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