How to Draw a Body Girl Step by Step

How to Draw a Body Girl easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorials for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a Body Girl

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

This is a simple form of the female body. Regardless of your female friend’s shape, size, or drawing style, they all have curvature. Sometimes it also depends on the breast size to create the “curves”. Focus your female anatomy practice on the waist and hip area. This is the most important part of a woman that really shows through her special features. Women’s shoulders are almost always curved and soft. They don’t jump out at sharp angles – straight. Remind yourself to add definition to their lower and upper waistlines. The navel should not be larger and higher than 4 cm.

Step 2

When drawing a woman, you will want to focus on drawing the waist. This also applies to men. The belt supports most of the body’s balance, as well as movements. It is also the body part that needs the most attention due to the much activity that it compliments. The black line that bisects the body is the “motion line” that guides the character’s body movement. It’s important to put a “line of motion” label on your character’s pose.

Step 3

Drawing a male body is a lot more difficult than drawing a female body. There are many important details to focus on for a man. There are two types of bodies that they can be drawn on; average body and muscle type. Of course the muscle type is the most desirable. It also gives your character more personality and self-esteem. To make things easier, let’s start with drawing a male body that’s not too pretty. Some characters can be drawn with semi-masculine bodies. That means they have the characteristics of a combined female and male body. Get a book on poses and study them. Give yourself a minute and sketch out the pose you envisioned at a quick pace.

Step 4

The main focus when drawing a muscular man is basically Abs, Abs, and Chest muscles. These are the main focuses you should focus on in your practice. As you can see, the Pectorals connect to the Deltoids. They come together to create a unified look. NEVER draw a narrow Ab muscle. Keep them wrapped together and eat evenly with each side of the stomach. There should be six well drawn and even abs.

Step 5

“How to change male to female”, a frank phrase! As you can see, the color and blue line art represent the position of the breasts in relation to women. The bustless body type is the typical male body type. Women’s pectoral muscles are covered by the fatty tissue of the breast, thus hiding the definition of Chest. There is very little visible muscle definition on a woman. It’s another site if you want a female favorite, looking a little awkward.

Step 6

The spine of the human body is a miracle. It can also be a difficult concept to grasp. I myself do not understand the importance of the spine. You can safely call the spine the “line of motion”. This is what holds the human body together, let alone the skeleton. Gai is very versatile and should not be underestimated. The human body can only go through so much before realism gets out of hand. Direct your exercises toward the spine when creating a variety of poses.

Step 7

When you draw a body from the back, there are a few important details that you should pay attention to. First of all, you should look at the definition of shoulder blades. If you’re viewing someone from 3/4 of the back, you should be able to see a little “protruding” shoulder blade. Second, you should see some definitions of spine. Use short and sweet lines to bring out the beauty of that spine. Eventually, you should be able to see back muscle tone flowing down the buttock fissure. All of these rules apply to both sexes.

Step 8

Now, to practice what you learned above, we are going to draw a little warm-up with step-by-step instructions. The host for this tutorial is an original woman in a 3/4 pose. I find that many people draw women a lot easier than men. Start this pose by sketching the basic framework for the head, hair, and torso. Keep in mind where you will place the “line of motion”.

Step 9

Next, draw the strangely styled hair and face. It’s always smart and helpful to draw the head first and then work your way up.

Step 10

Then draw the shoulders, chest and arms. It will be ideal if you make sure that the shoulders are nice and loose, unlike the muscular and muscular shoulders of the male body. Perfecting the inner details of the face.

Step 11

Finally, complete the curved body for this figure. ALWAYS pay attention to the abdomen. Definition of thoracic and lower abdominal muscles is required. Make sure that the navel is not too large. There should always be a brief dividing line in the middle from the navel.

Step 12

Well, you’re pretty much finished with this tutorial! I really hope this drawing tutorial has taught you some tips and tricks on drawing the body. It took me a very long time to get this tutorial the way it is. Be sure to share this with your friends! Thanks for viewing and don’t forget to leave behind some feedback!

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