How To Draw Belle And Beast from Beauty and the beast

How To Draw Belle And Beast from Beauty and the beast with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How To Draw Belle And Beast

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

  Art by Jenalee

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Create the head guides and then draw Belle’s face and torso guides.

Step 2

Let’s start with Beast’s face. Draw an angled outline for the forehead and nose, then draw the hairy lips on top.

Step 3

Next, draw thick and hairy eyebrows, then outline the face including the lower lip, along with the beard and cheek hair.

Step 4

Beast is the hardest character to draw in this lesson, so take your time as you tackle the quest. Draw its horns, then draw the rest of its hairy head or puffy mane. As you can see his mane is combed back and tied back. Add his ears and

Step 5

Finish off Beast by drawing a giant torso covered by his mantle. Add seams to create the jacket’s design and then draw his puffy tie sandwiched in the center with pins.

Step 6

Now we can start drawing Belle. Start with a rough outline of her face like that, then draw in the hairline where her face is. Add one more small pearl earring.

Step 7

Draw and color the eyebrows, then add pretty eyes, nose or nostrils and then lips.

Step 8

Draw the rest of Belle’s hair in a bun. Add details to her hairstyle and make sure some of her hair falls over her shoulders.

Step 9

Finally, sketch at the neck, some bust and cuffs for her dress. She’s being held by Beast so you’ll have to pull his fingers out of your beast’s hand as well. Erase the principles and mistakes that you have made through the steps of the lesson.

Step 10

Once your quest is complete, a drawing of Belle and the Monster will appear like the one you see here. Color them both in and create a magical looking background.

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